Science Museum Cryptography and Cyber Security Expo

Just a few pictures from the London Science Museum cryptography and cyber security expo in July 2019. Free advance tickets are required and available here and the expo is on until Feb 2020. The expo gift shop is genuinely cool as well.

An Original Enigma Machine

The Lorenz Machine was reserved for the only the most secret communications. Cracking this makes cracking the Enigma codes easy.

But with a stiff upper lip attitude and armed with cups of tea, people far clever than me broke it in 1944.

An original Lorenz Machine
Book of broken Lorenz Messages
My Friend Cayla Doll

This “interactive” child’s toy from Germany was banned in 2017 as an “illegal surveillance” device. This is going to a become a more common issue with the advent of the Internet of Things.

A Lego model of the GCHQ Building. You can build anything with Lego if you have enough bricks.

The Murmur Study which is printing out in almost real time Twitter Tweets containing emotive phrases such as ‘argh’,’meh’ and ‘ewww’. Just a snippet of the personal information we give away and it shows how easy it is to collect. Hashtag That!!!

The Chaotic Pendulum

The Chaotic pendulum is a cool practical idea (The best ideas are always cool and practical). Computers have a problem with true randomness so using things like the pendulum or a lava lamp can offer a simple solution.

Cryptography and Cyber Security Expo
Science Museum,London,UK
Ending on
February 23, 2020
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