User IT Security FAQ

IT Security Policies training documentation for the average user.

A 100+ page IT Security policy is comprehensive and detailed, but for the average company user it could be considered a bit unfriendly and overwhelming.

Peppered in this post are some paintings by Canaletto. Why? Just because they are beautiful and should be shared.

Now back to business.

OIC Solutions realizes that the “average user”, if there is such a thing needs fast, easily navigable and direct guidance when they have an potential IT Security issue or question.

Painting of London and the Thames on display at Tate Britain.

I was lucky enough to hear a presentation by Theresa Payton @TrackerPayton – Former White House CIO at an event hosted by Capital One.

She spoke of White House staff being confused and afraid of seeking help when they lost their mobile devices.

The previous White House guidance was unclear, convoluted, confusing and staff were worried about repercussions. This ended up slowing the remediation / security process down which in turn increased risks. Theresa sorted ’em out and vastly improved the process. OIC Solutions has learnt from her example.

A bit of networking and chat before the presentation at the Capital One event

Pretty stunning skyline. Not by Canaletto!

Naturally OIC Solutions are not going to post the entire document / web page online for free, but this is an additional component of our IT Security Policy creation service.

This IT Security User FAQ Training document comes for free as part of our Web Application Security Analysis service. Further information about this testing service is available here.

The document comes as a PDF you can distribute to staff and as an HTML web page you can easily host on your Intranet in 30 seconds flat.

Running through the document with staff one morning and addressing any queries and questions they have would constitute suitable and satisfactory IT Security Training Requirements for the year.

Another beautiful piece hanging in Tate Britain
A scene of Venice hanging in the Wallace Collection, London

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