Vishing Scam Warning

A warning about a scam that is going around. This is not the first time I have received this type of call.

Last Thursday I received a cold call to my house phone, from a company telling me that they had detected that my computer was infected with malicious software and it was affecting the hard drive and that they wanted to fix my PC for me. The claimed to be connected to Microsoft.

Now, the first problem is, when you install Windows, you do have to enter a product licence key, but no where do you supply contact details, so there is no way the Microsoft or a affiliated company could ever cold call me. It’s just a pure numbers game on their part if you ask 100 people do you use windows? A large proportion will say yes.

So, I played along to see what would happen. The man talked me through opening Event Viewer and then explained that the warnings in Event Viewer were because of the malicious software installed on my PC.

He then asked me to open Start – Run and type At which point I stopped pretending and confronted the man on the phone about this scam and I received a torrent of verbal abuse from them.

Let this be a warning, if someone cold calls you claiming that they can detect that you have problems with your PC and that you should perform XYZ. Hang up immediately because if you do follow their instructions and download any software, you will really have a problem with your PC.

Written by Mark

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